Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sejuice me

Happy joy today! I've begun juicing with vigour. Plastic zip locked bags (cue the high pitched whining from the greenies) with daily servings of the most nutritious organic vegetables are now stuffed in the fridge next to the carcinogens that keep my husband alive - red meat, animal fats, and beer. I have had my first freshly squeezed juice and can happily report that while not exactly delicious, it went down easily enough.

Of course, I've juiced before. But only ever combinations that evoke warm sunsets over Waikiki - watermelon, pineapples, mango with a hint of lime.

The recipe for my first vegetable cancer crusher came from my Integrative Medical expert, Dr Sue Levin. Her handout on juicing provided some light relief amongst the earnest nutritional reading material that is often confusing and universally bland.

Guidelines for Juicing

...avoid potatoes...

I'm so pleased this was pointed out. How many times a week do you crave a good old potato juice? Driving home from work after an exhausting day I bet there are people all over the country going to the fridge, overlooking the amber gold and instead searching out the finest from Oamaru, or in the poorer neighbourhoods, the very best Pukekohe can grow. "Crack another spud into the juicer would ya cobber?"

..especially with a green tint...

You think? it can cause diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Quite. Although given that cancer causes death I might have put up with the other minor side effects.

So for my first juice I chose:

4 carrots, sprig parsley, touch of mint, handful spinach, 1 beetroot, 1 clove garlic, and the clincher - 1/4 head cabbage.

More Hokitika than Hawaii but highly recommended.


glennrewi said...

fresh juice is the way forward Sacha, been doing it for yrs and its fan-f@#kn-tastic, the vege place in ferrymead (Gordans I think its called) does a really good range of juices on the spot while you wait, if you cant be stuffed doing it at home, messy cleaning up juicer takes ages etc, much like good coffee at home, can be done but why bother when we can do it for you :) cheers G

sarah said...

Now is the time to learn to love broccoli and brussel sprouts - they are the wonder foods (I wonder why Im eating these?!)

I'd also recomend eating lots of indian curries - tumeric is credited for fighting cancer.

zzmizzjonazxx said...

Hi i hope you are feeling better its not being this sick! My aunty has bc and she is very sick!

Anonymous said...

Haha, love it Sacha! Good on you for trying it all and being so good humored about all of this. My Grandmother has just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and although not severe, still a fright! Good luck, and I hope the future juice combination's work well!