Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Knowing me is great for your health

Maths with Statistics wasn't my best Bursary subject. But I've developed a good head for odds. And I reckon that your chances of getting cancer just got lower because in essence I've got it for you.

I know that statistically that doesn't make sense, but surely it appeals to your logic?

If you're in the following groups you are now less likely to get cancer aren't you because it's rare that two people from a small group get diagnosed in close succession:

Ferrymead Bays Football executive committee
Mt Pleasant School Board of Trustees
Coffee Culture Head Office team
Sumner Theatre Group
Les Mills International tribe
EDUC 655
My extended family
Our bridal party

If you don't know me, but wish you did, it's too late. The logic only works if you knew me when I had two boobs.

Seeing as I've got cancer for you, would you mind having a vitamin injection for me?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sacha, I've been thinking about you - hoping the op went well etc - and what keeps popping into my mind is "kick it for touch", the main message I got from you during our short discussion at football training. :)
Best wishes, Deb

Vanessa said...

Sach you are my HERO!:) Men I love your humour and incredible gift of turning everything into a challenge to overcome and a fun but clever story to tell people...Awesome. Miss you. Vanessa xx

Anonymous said...

Sacha seeing as I fall into the extended family group and thus had my chances lessened I would be more than happy to take as many vitamin injections for you as you would like! Lots of love your cousin Helen.

Christopher Waugh said...

I was already glad to know you, but this made my day!

mflett said...

Hi Sacha, we dont know each other but I have had breast cancer and Herceptin as well as everything else that goes in between so if you ever feel like talking to someone whose been in the same rocky boat feel free to contact me. Vit C injections may hurt but they sure did make a difference as did all the other complimentary medicine I took. You sound like you're doing a great job fighting this thing - you have an amazing attitude. Stay strong! Mhairi Flett