Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More boring 'c' facts

The natural drugs do work - I feel great. Next time you're considering chemo, get your very own appointment with Dr. Sue and see if you too will be allowed and advised to have 30+ tabs a day of the finest nature has to offer:

Supportive care 1 and 2 for Oncology Patients
Ultra Flora Immune
Meta Indole-3-Carbinal
Bio Q 150

These aren't designed to kill cancer, although there's some encouraging quasi -science that says some of them might: they're to boost my immune system and they consist of massive of doses of vitmains and other goodies. The % of daily recommended vaules are astonishing:

1000% Vitamin A
500% Vitamin D
4000% Vitamin E
16,666% Vitamin B12

Add these to the new regime of anti-nausea drugs and it's getting up to 40 tabs per day. I know, it's nothing compared to what some are swallowing every day, but I'm used to spouting forth not slurping down.

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