Monday, August 10, 2009

Action is everything

Next week and the week after will the hardest in my 12 month fight against cancer. It seems unfair to have the major challenge right at the start but I guess if I can't get through this then I'm really not worthy.

It's tough; mentally draining and physically exhausting. Can you guess what I have to do for the next 10 days?


Turns out that despite the best efforts of my oncologist, the very earliest Christchurch hospital's 'system' can fit me in for my first appointment, and this is not to start treatment, is Friday 21 August. The week after that they might be able to begin the chemo. I feel like a walking time bomb. Having chemo privately doesn't make any difference. So what to do?

Action is everything. I believe this about every aspect of my life so I've made a juicy to-do list and will get on with completing it before next Friday. I will be the best prepared, most vitamin filled, read-up, fit and mentally fierce chemo patient ever - I'm reasonably confident the nurses will hate me.

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