Saturday, January 15, 2011

F words

Foxy indeed.

How many of the world's best words start with 'F'?

I know, I know. The English speaking world.

Fearless, ferocious, fierce, fun, frivolous, fabulous, fart, fantastic, fascinating, fuck, feedback, forgiveness, feijoa, family, fruit, friends, flan, fellatio, films, fish, facebook, fairytales, France, faithful, fanny, freedom, fantail, future, fruju and finished.

And what about the words that wished they started with f?

Photos, philosophy, philanthropy and phenomenal.

This will be my last post on Tips for Keeping Abreast and Ahead. My sister sent me an article about the increasing popularity of disease blogs. Three main reasons are given for their fascination. Firstly, they follow a simple narrative structure. As readers we get hooked and want to know how the story ends. Will she die? Secondly, they are used as fundraising vehicles to provide the last-gasp-chance-of-survival wonderdrug treatments not funded by health authorities. Who doesn't want to support the underdog battling for one final roll of the dice? The third reason is that these blogs offer an intensely personal look at the often titillating world of medicine and the intricacies of the human body. Not dissimilar to the public hangings still popular in some parts of the world there's a voyeuristic pleasure in observing from the sidelines. None of this is to suggest that the blogger is in anyway victim in this two way interaction. What we get is control.

Being poked and prodded, felt and fingered, rubbed and rotated every few weeks by people you might never meet again and to whom you are inevitably just a number can be a disempowering experience. By naming and claiming the treatment process we take back some control of what is happening. By showing you a photo of myself with just the one nipple showing through my togs it reduces the chance you might try to sneak a sideways peak next time you see me.

Fearless (having just jumped off a really, truly, very, very high bridge).
Free (of pain, treatment, and maybe, cross your fingers, cancer)
Fiction writer (the bridge wasn't so high)

I'm not going to die or move to New York (sorry anonymous - you spineless, nameless, ignorant loser) I don't need any money, and I'm not having any more treatment so there's no reason to continue the blog in its current format.

But undoubtedly the reflective process is good for my ongoing health and well being. So I will continue to write. And you, the dear 37 who know how to follow on blogger, and the others who pop in from time to time, get to decide what I write about.

You can't ask me to change who I am (well you can, but I won't) but you can tell me what you'd like to read:
1) monthly
2) weekly
3) personal
4) professional
5) other

So go on. Stay awhile. Or leave and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.

Either way, thanks.