Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Helios, the wellness centre that's a little sick

How hard can it be? The integrative health centre I visit for vitamin C injections and other complementary (certainly not free) lotions and potions has so much going for it - expert medical staff, a loyal clientele and the license to dispense laughter as the best medicine. But like so many service providers they are let down by the rotweillers masquerading as receptionists.

Last week my dear friend M, came to offer moral support at my appointment only to find that I had changed the time without telling her. The reception staff were rude, unhelpful and did nothing to exude the wellness and vitality you might expect. When M asked if they could hold onto a gift she had brought for me until my rescheduled appointment later in the day, one of them put her straight; "we are not a collection agency, I can't guarantee she'll get it, there's nowhere here to put it."

Perhaps if one of them had sat on it, it might have made her smile.

Classic example of the disconnect between the people working really hard to grow a business around core values and the people they employ to answer the phone, meet and greet, and take the money.

And why did M come to meet me?

I hate getting my vitamin injections. The place stinks of old world new-age herbs, the waiting room is full of depressed hippies and on at least three occasions the nurses have referred to my business prowess as though I've got capitalism not cancer. Their obvious belief is that working hard in the pursuit of excellence is what led to the disease.

I'm just waiting for the all-clear so I can offer my hardworking, pursuit of excellence reception training to the lovies on the front desk.


glennrewi said...
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glennrewi said...

Can i come with you next time Sacha? I'm just waiting for someone to be rude so I can give them a serve without losing any customers :)clearly these "rotweillers" arent customers of our capatilist ways so surely it would be ok, and by the sounds of it deserveing for them to be put squarely in there place, not that i think for one second you havent done so already! :) G

BeJolly said...

Hi Sacha
RJ and I have been thinking of you - I'm thinking you are now a titless wonder but on thinking have decided that you always were - both titless and a wonder. So perhaps no change there. Give me a call next time you want company for your injection (or any other hideous outings). I'm also always game on to try and improve the NZ-lack-of-service-sector: clearly my brain isn't used enough by being an at-home mum...I'm also good for sending your way good books and when you are up to walking I'd love to join you. Sorry that you missed my party: ST was busy filling in my family on Dunedin parties... ha and now I'm forty: aaaagggghhhh. Well it was a great night and much better to celebrate life than get too frightened by realising that I am becoming my mother. Big hugs, Beth

Chrissy P said...

Hey Sacha, finally sat down and caught up on you!! Good to hear you have a plan.

My Dad had an apt in hospital 6 weeks before he shot off to heaven, they forgot to tell him the apt had changed to the afternoon so he sat on the most uncomfortable seat in the world and waiting half a day, only 41 days left. Maybe people who work with cancer should be screened and should be exceptional people as a minimum!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she was just having a rough day!! It happens to us all! Maybe having just asked her 'capitalist' boss for a pay rise (slightly above the minimum rate she is surely being paid) and was turned down :(( As the saying goes "if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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