Friday, July 24, 2009

Self-editing sucks

Cancer, from what I can tell so far, having had it for longer than I’ve known, does not make you stupid, or steal your sense of humour, or suddenly make you overly-sensitive. So, why, oh why is everyone so careful when they speak to me now? Stop it.

Self-editing sucks. You know I would have laughed at all your cancer jokes in the past, I’ll still laugh at them now. There’s no need to speak slower and louder – I understand English, just as well as I did before we all knew I was diseased.

One person, (o.t.c.c.l), suggested that I was using humour as a defense mechanism. ‘Piss off’ I said. The best way for each of us to confront our challenges is the best way we know how. And for me that will be laughing irreverently in the face of cancer, and finding the lighter side of every situation.


Jacinda Faloon-Cavander said...

Heard a song on the radio today that made me think of you. The odds of me requesting it and getting you to listen to a particular radio station, for a 3 hour request session, much higher than 1 in 204. So I'll just tell you it. It was called "Goodbye Booby Tuesday" - do you know it?
All my love,
PS: So glad I don't confuse words of songs anymore, that used to be really embarrassing at Boot Camp quizes. Chau Love. Thinking of you on Tuesday.

Sam said...

Hey darling

So you have a christmas card list. What do I have to do get on it? I know I can drink a cocktail through a straw faster than you! And I didn't laugh (too hard) when you admitted that you loved your nanna knickers and I even allowed to plant your face into my ample bosom at the last BoT Christmas dinner!

Let laughter be your best medicine. Thinking of you heaps (and Chris and the kids of course). lots of love