Friday, July 24, 2009

My boring 'c' facts

For all you Grey's Anatomy wannabes:

I’ve got multi-focal invasive ductal carcinoma in my right breast. The span is 6 cm, and they’re not sure if there are actually two lumps - it might just be one larger one. No spread to the lymph nodes can be seen through imaging but we’re taking out about 20 lymph nodes as a precaution.

1 in 204 women under 40 get breast cancer – I’m not as spectacularly rare as I had hoped – and the survival rate for 5 years + with the information we currently have is 80-90%. Who’s going to bet against me?

I’m seeing an integrative medical expert alongside a traditional team of oncologist, surgeon etc. I’m currently on extra Zinc, high dose intravenous Vitamin C, and Repairase which will help healing after surgery. Yes, my wees are little rainbows. Glad you read this far?

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