Friday, July 24, 2009

My new boob job


Anonymous said...

Go Sachi!! So very proud of you.
In the immortal words from Mission Control, "failure is not an option"
Love you forever and ever ~ Poppa Bear.

Kelly Cook said...

Sach - you look hot!! Keep that hair and make up artist on the payroll! Or maybe just the make up artist.... the t's sound great. Am sure we can get involved in some fundraising for BC awareness month in Nov. Go you good thing! Cheers Kelly

Anonymous said...

Hey Sacha,
the grape vine told me you had a blog, Id love a T-shirt however I think my tennis would suit "What a Tit" and your new ones might just put our opponents off their game!
Looking forward to playing tennis with my enjoyable fun team mate again.
I hope to see you soon, keep up the Blogging there is no doubt you are an inspiration to many, humour is a medicine with only good side effects.-Letitia

Shy said...

Hi Sacha,

I admire your courage. I am too was diagnosed with breast cancer just 11 days ago. I was shocked at first but now I am like you, just get on and really saying to this thing "Bring it on!".

I really like your blog and can relate to it. I look forward to reading your journey!

God speed!

kind regards,