Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Latest news from Hotel St. Georges

  1. Ouch
  2. I am blessed with fabulous friends and family who are showering me with love and gorgeous gifts. Very humbling. Merci.
  3. Ouch
  4. My anesthetist hasn’t tried ‘P’ but didn’t seem to mind me asking.
  5. I’m sure there is a consumer market for the automated padded electric blanket like inflatable leg warmers I’m wearing. Initially I thought they were to commemorate the moon landing but it turns out, that like everything else that hurts, smells rotten, or tastes awful, they are actually “good for me”.


Nadia Haua said...

Hey Sacha,
I had no idea you had cancer. And 'Shit'! Well I can honestly say that you are the same today as you were many years ago...tough but realistic. I wish you well and will be checking in regularly to see how you are getting on. I love your tee shirt idea, wow what a positive use of energy.
Well wishes to you and your family,
Nadia Haua

Anonymous said...

Sacha you were never known for your boobs!! a really novel way to get Chris to buy you some new ones
I said some prayers for you but they came back address unknown.
Still remember the Dunedin flat fire !!you turning up to work in borrowed clothes and very sooty still laugh about that!!
Cheers P

Anonymous said...

Hey Sacha
Great to hear your "voice" after the demolition. I just want you to know we are thinking of you and hope that you are planning your new set to be calibrated to assist your tennis swing. Apparently power is related to size. xx Sumner L.

Tans Cathro said...

Hi Sach
What can I say. I've laughed & cried reading your blog. You were always a talented wordsmith, even back in journalism class days. Love your attitude, your outlook, your energy - You go girl, you're going to beat this bloody thing! I'm in for a t-shirt, hilarious! Much love, Tans xxx