Friday, July 24, 2009

5 top things to say ....

When someone tells you they have cancer:

1) Shit

2) Bugger

3) Oh Saaaaaaaaach(only if that’s their name too)

4) Really?

5) The truth

I love it when people tell me their truth about cancer. It’s not depressing or upsetting to hear that someone’s Mum died of it, and I’m not reassured when I’m told of how many people have survived it. It’s a highly individual disease and the treatment affects everyone differently. My confidence comes from knowing myself so well, and feeling the love and support of people who are brave enough to share their truth.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck tomorrow Sach, you'll have those Doctors and Nurses speechless without a doubt... and if you happen to spot any good looking, tall, dark hair, single doctors... think of me, lol :-) Take care and make the most of being looked after, Kristie xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sacha, we have yet to meet but I have heard all about you from both Cate and Keith. Cate called us tonight to direct us to your blog! Wow I admire your strength and courage. Infact I am blown away. I hope other women that have BC gain strength from your 'bring it on' attitude. It has certainly made me sit up and take stock. You are fab and I look forward to hearing more of what you've gt to say. Sending positive thoughts your way, Kathryn Tracey

Anonymous said...

Hi my darling. Love you lots. xxx