Tuesday, October 06, 2009

15 seconds of fame

Tomorrow morning, Kim Vinnell from TVNZ's Breakfast programme is coming to my house to film me in my own home looking natural, relaxing on the couch and chatting amicably about fighting breast cancer with humour and hard nosed pragmatism.


As you might imagine I am slightly spooked. First of all, I've been on the tele before. I look like the moon and sound like the nasally voice of the cold and flu advertisements. However, at least this time (and the irony has not escaped me) I will not have to spend ages doing my hair. Joy.

Obviously I won't be looking my best. Mum and I will be staying up all night rearranging the couch to find the ideal position in our rented lounge. Flowers have been purchased - unfortunately one lot have already died - and everything resembling the normal debris of family life has been exiled to the hallway cupboard. I am regretting the decision to keep the bachelor couch right up until we move into the white elephant. Isn't it funny how I don't care a fig what people think of me and yet I'm embarrassed of C's old, yet very comfy and lovable, navy, puffy, leather suite? This must mean one of two things: I'm a shallow wannabe or I'm human. Perhaps it means both.

I volunteered to speak about my experience with breast cancer for two reasons. The first is because those who can't, won't. So those who can, should and must. I don't mind sharing my personal life with those New Zealanders who watch the Breakfast show on TV1 7am - 9am Friday 9th October. I think such a huge part of the cancer scare factor is that we tend to talk about cancer as though it deserves a capital 'c'. It gets its power from the hushed tones we adopt when we speak its name and like Lord Voldemort it feeds on our fear. I hope that women who are nervous about having their check ups might see me and think, 'she's a one-boob wonder, bald AND short and yet she's up for a laugh and getting on with life - cancer can't be so bad'. Because it's not so bad. Catching it early massively increases your chances of surviving it.

And the second reason is because I want to promote Coffee Culture's contribution to Pink Ribbon Day. On Friday 9th October all Coffee Culture stores in New Zealand (there are 12, www.coffeeculture.co.nz) are giving 50c from every hot drink we sell to benefit the programmes and initiatives of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. I've asked our loyal guests to match our contribution and if even half of them do, we'll raise some serious funds to help New Zealand women.

I'd love you to join me on Friday in raising awareness and funds for the NZBCF. After all, those who can't, won't; so those who can, should.


sarah said...

You looked fantastic! I never look that good - stylish, cool, groovy, colourful.

Hilary Sinclair said...

You were great Sacha and the lounge looked fantastic! Great to see and hear your energy and to see Portia and Tiger! Sending you our love and best wishes, Hilary, Mark and Heather

Jo said...

Hi Sacha
I'm Cate Tate's cousin and she shared your blog with me.

You are one 'cool' lady and you were amazing on Breakfast. Maybe that should be your next job - cohosting with Paul Henry! You'd give him a run for his money!!!!

Great blog... it should be made into a book! You are such an inspiration and should be the poster girl for breast cancer (with a very small c!)

Go well!

Jo Page

Donna said...

Dear Sacha

You were just wonderful on TV - you're definitely NOT a titless wonder!! You're looking good girl! And ever the consummate business woman....... Lovely to see the kids too. Dale and I reckon you're a winner - you've got 18 acknowledged followers already, and even Jesus only had 12 to begin with!! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi darling girl!! Sitting at my table and meant to be prepping for my work day tomorrow but thinking of you.I visited a customer last week and she had been feeling very low because her husband is going through chemo for a growth behind his eye.She confided in me that after seeing a gorgeous woman on TV talking about her experience with cancer she was feeling more positive and 'real' about life. I had to tell her - 'I know her! and listed off bridesmaid, best friend, met her when we were in school etc!! She wants me to thank you, you are an inspiration. Love you lots and loads xxxxxxx